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The only reason it's so expensive is because they won't need to make very many so the unit cost will be astronomical.

Whilst I've never been tempted to stab anyone, I do find the pointy bit on a knife quite useful around the kitchen - eg nipping the eyes out of spuds.

Though you may not stab anyone very easily with it, the sharp edge could probably still do quite a lot of damage.

As pointed (sorry) out, knfie crime is not a result of sharp knives being available but people willing to use them. Same with everything really - you don't have to drive a car too fast, you don't have to start a fire because you have a lighter, you don't have to stab someone because you can get a knife.

But then if your start in life looks so sh1t that you're no worse off by carrying, the results are hardly surprising.

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Originally Posted by tinker View Post
The police are told what to do under certain circumstances and this is fed from budget constraints (no prisons) and a politically correct agenda that is costing lives, in my world. I am sure if it was to cost's or destroy lives in the "politically correct brigades world" then the response would be very different. As the recent widely publicised knifing case has proven, large sentences given because of the public interest.

It's the same with the stop and search anti terror laws. Because it's considered racist to stop asiand/arabs with turbans and beards they stop everyone else to make up the numbers.

Of course they would never abuse these powers - that's why they are stopping about 10,000 people a MONTH!!!

There has not been a single terrorist arrest despite over 120,000 searches.............

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I'd have like the like sentances, you stab someone you get stabbed, hit and run you get ran over, you get the idea.
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It's time to start blaming (& punishing) the perps rather than the tools they choose.
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Apparently the weapon of choice for Glasgow neds is a sawn off ...... wait for it ............ golf club ..... enough said

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