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Sail 8

I heard Bob Geldoff request that the boats of the south, nip over to France and bring back french people.

It could be a great thing to get involed with, then again, having every man and their dog go to sea in every manner of craft, bringing back boat loads of people they dont know could be a real mess.

Does anyone have more info?

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I think that BG is loosing it and this makes no sense.
A) what is wrong with the ferries or tunnel?
B) Do the French want to come and protest?
C) Does BG even know how much time it would take to collect people from France?
D) who is going to run them back afterwards?
I think BG was having a bit of a churchillian moment brought on by being stood in a boat yard at the time.
Had he been at Heathrow Iím sure he would be looking for pilots.

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Well, as a resident of Edinburgh

we don't want them! No problem if they are to be genuine protestors but how do you tell the difference between them and those from a European 'rent a mob' just coming for bother. By the sounds of things we will have enough idiots of our own anyway.
Whilst I sympathise with the cause and have no problem with the initiative, I, and everyone I have spoken to here, consider some of Geldof & Cos recent calls to be totally irresponsible. This is just not a case of NIMBY but if the numbers they are looking for were to descend on any city it coudn't cope without a strong risk of chaos and anarchy. Perhaps this is what they want but in my opinion the public backlash would make it totally counter productive.
Anyway, would there be regulations which would have implications for small boat owners/skippers going across to pick people up?
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Ellen is taking the B&Q Trimaran to bring back protestors.. I bet the tickets to sail back on that are harder to get hold of than the Live 8 tickets..
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On the BBC
Happy New Resolutions!!! : RIBbing for the craic!!!
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Sail8 - info

More info on this can be found at

Whatever your views are of Bob Geldoff, at least he is trying to do something about the "African situation".

The 8 leaders need a kick up their collective back-sides - they have the power to make change quickly and radically, but they choose to ignore the situation.

Children are dying in Africa, that is the plain simple reality.

Who cares if residents of Edinburgh don't like it ? Who cares if the Daily Mail reading public don't like it ? Not me!!

Rib Net people have the chance to help out and make a differenec to the thousands of people who are dying daily.

This is YOUR chance to help!!

(as he steps off his soap-box......)
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: : Chris : :
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HM Prison

Hollesley Bay

July 2005

Dear Sir Bob

I hope you can help me get out of jail (no pun intended)

I mean, can YOU tell the difference between a French and an Afgani accent?And you know with the sun and all that any one could be deceived.

Sail 8 was a fantastic idea so I set off in my black rib to Ostend (I KNOW thats Belgium and not France but hey there's not many nautical miles in it)

Anyway these 22 med type geezers claim to be up for the G8 and were offering a few shillings for the journey across.Said they preferred a night crossing .Hopped onboard with a few prvisions and off we go

I blame it on the gaffer tape round the nav lights but any way not far off Ofordness the nav lights come on -and lo and behold those nice chaps at Customs pull me over.

To my suprise the med types lacked a bit of documentation and had a few (thousand) smokes on board - the rest as they say is history

But 'onest Sir Bob it was all in a good cause
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I share your views on the issue Chris but, there are more implications than just popping over there to pick a few people up.

There is a mass of documentation to get in place for a trip to France, as well as the huge safety issues to deal with.
Personally I would not be happy taking part in a venture like this as the safety and welfare of those on my RIB is my primary thought at all times and I can't keep people safe if we don't speak the same language and they don't have suitable lifejackets etc.

I think this call by Bob Geldoff was either a spur of the moment thing or something that is at the least foolhardy and at most has the potential to be bloody dangerous.

As previously stated, it would be far safer for those who wished to join in this venture to come over by ferry.

This call to action could encourage people with craft not capable of such a crossing to try it so endangering themselves and those who would have to rescue them.

(Climbs off soap box! )

Born to stuff!!
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I love the pic on the BBC BG has forgotten his oars still he probably doesnít need them because if he put his mind to it HE could walk Des
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Bod Geldorf's heart may be in the right place bu twhat the hell is the point in giving even more money to Africa??? And why wipe out all their loans? Who is going to suffer for this? US of course!!!

Africa's problems are NOT caused by droughts or famines or disease - they are caused by PEOPLE. These people are corupt and do nothing but make WAR.

I have lived in Africa and have several African friends - just ask them what they think about the people in power in Africa - the ONLY thing that will sort them out is to remove the corrupt governments and all the other corrupt leaders - not so easy in Africa - because another lot will spring up in their place!!!

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