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Originally Posted by Andy Moore View Post
Or have you considered that OS X is inherently more secure than shitty Windoze?
That may be the case but it is also the case that the vast majority of viruses are caught due to user stupidity in either opening something they shouldn't have or not taking precautions - the "it won't happen to me" head-in-sand attitude that also leads hopelessly optimistic people to not wear seatbelts or crash helmets.

I have only seen a handful of viruses in the last few years - most get filtered out at ISP level - and I can't remember the last time I actually got infected by one on any of the computers either at home or work but it was probably seven or eight years ago. Certainly not an inconvenience that would have great bearing on my choice of OS.

It's odd how Mac users always feel there is something to defend. I used to be much the same in the days when I had an Amiga - though PC's in those days were pretty dire by comparison.

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Originally Posted by BogMonster View Post
It's odd how Mac users always feel there is something to defend. I used to be much the same in the days when I had a Betamax -....

...know how you feel.

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Most families have PC's, more around so the Programmers can attack more people.

Most Email systems should stop .exe but there are always those that dont.

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Originally Posted by Andy Moore View Post
I have been using Macs, full-time, for 15 years. I have never, ever seen even one smidgen of a virus. And that goes for all the folk I know that use Macs. NOT ONE INSTANCE OF A VIRUS.

From a Mac AV website:

ClamXav is a free virus checker for Mac OS X. It uses a slightly modified version of the tried, tested and very popular clamav open source antivirus engine as a back end.
Back in the days before OS X, the number of viruses which attacked Macintosh users totalled somewhere between about 60 and 80. Today, the number of viruses attacking OS X users is...NONE!

Mac OS X Virus: Inqtana.A Worm
OSX/Inqtana.A is a Java-based worm that exploits the directory traversal vulnerability in the Bluetooth file and object exchange services in Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).

Leap.A aka Oompa-Loompa virus
The Leap.A (aka Oompa-Loompa) infects applications in Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) running on PowerPC processors.

Mac OS X flaws
Multiple vulnerabilities found in Mac OS X Panther.

The Microsoft Office macro viruses can affect files on a Mac as well.

Not as bad a problem as on a PC. Yet.

My $.02;


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