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MAC security?

I just saw this and wondered if correct as many on the forum swear by the MAC system as opposed to windows etc. Has a hacker found a way in now?

"A new computer trojan has infected 550,000 machines running Apple's Mac OS X - and many could still be vulnerable.

The infected machines are now part of a 'botnet' of zombie machines which can be controlled by cyber criminals and 'told' to download new malicious software.

The attack has been described as a 'rude awakening' for Mac users."
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lol about time ! it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the bunch! do mac security suite
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It's not a question of a hacker finding a way in, it's a question of wether it's worth his while. It is probably easier to hack Windows and its certainly more worthwhile for a hacker to spend his energy hacking Windows computers as they are still most numerous operating system out there. That the main reason Macs are generally not at risk is that 99% of the viruses etc out there are targeted at Windows.

In my opinion it's still quite safe to operate a Mac without any additional antivirus tools. However be aware that although a Mac may not be affected or vulnerable to a virus it receives (say via email), that virus could easily be passed along to, and infect a Windows machine by forwarding the email to a Windows user.

In general I believe that a Mac is a much more reliable & easier to maintain home computer system. This is mostly because of the reduced vulnerability to viruses and other malicious applications but also because Apple control both the hardware and operating system, making for a more tightly quality controlled and integrated system. Also if you stick to third party applications (both free and paid ) via the Apple App store a similar degree of control is applied to the 3rd party applications, potentially promising better reliability & quality.

I say that as an IT professional with over 20 years managing Windows based commercial systems but have used Macs in my home environment for the last 10 or more years. In that time I have not used any full time antivirus software, but have checked my Macs every now and again - but have never found a virus that infected them but have found emails to have contained Windows viruses/malware. In contrast I have found unprotected Windows machines to have been virus/malware infected within seconds of connecting to the internet.
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The above fits with advice I've had from other IT professionals. I abandoned Windows OS three years ago as I got p'd off with all the shit that goes with it. Would never go back.
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I've been supporting macs since '86, towards the ends of the 90s there was an annoying virus that slowed the Mac down every 10mins and now this flash thing that's poped up now, but doesn't seem to put you at risk as the OS is secure, it's just running a java script.

We didn't get viruses on Mac as they weren't popular and it was harder to make them, when apple adopted a unix based system it made it almost impossible, where it's relatively simple on Windows. It not really Windows' fault, Apple has to make a system to just support its own hardware where as Microsoft has to cater for millions of combinations so mush more open to abuse.
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