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They come in black too, just ring them

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Originally Posted by mister p
Does that mean aft is the stern if the boat is "going astern" seeing as it means "after the mast" and is dependant upon the direction of travel relative to the Main?
Are you confusing astern with abaft?

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Originally Posted by mister p View Post
Bloody good show Kernow. Will you be fitting an anode?..............Come to think of it, is that not such a bad idea?
I mean, they do what they do, and all it is is a bolt onto the chassis. Isn't that expensive for a "let's do what we can" approach to protecting your pride and joy.
Bolt it to the tow bar and it may pay for itself in a few years......even if it is the cost of drilling a bolt out of somewhere inaccessible.
I'm bolting one to my towbar tomorrow!
Nice lot of zinc on the chassis acting as an anode :-)
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A word or 2 of support in Land Rovers favour

1 Discovery and Range Rover are selling like hotcakes so they are doing something right , shame no longer British owned.

2 As a nation we build too little and export few cars. So lets applaud Land Rover . Why knock ourselves?

3 VW sold 5.1m cars last year , a record. We need to support our remaining industry not slag em off.

4 My Disco 4 has 50k miles and to date no faults whatsover! (touch wood) Tows a dream and in comfort .
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Originally Posted by kerny View Post
Like the Ozzies say...If you want to go to the outback get a Land Rover, if you want to come back, get a Land Cruiser.
Aside from the "Tallywagon" jokes and my mate asking me if I have a rocket launcher in the back, I love my Land Cruiser Colorado. Done 120K miles in 12 years and up until the wife hit a deer in it it was faultless. Sadly the cooling "feed" to the gearbox broke and filled the rad with oil and the gearbox with water. A recon gearbox later it seemed fine, but that gave up the ghost after a few years. Was tempted to get something new, but in the end because we love it so much just got another gearbox. Inside it is still nearly perfect, outside it could do with a touch up, but nothing major. Seats 8 and can pull pretty much anything.

Edit - to be fair the hand brake did need adjusting once and one of the 2 batteries did need replacing after 7 years.

Think my same mate has been through 3 Discos in those 12 years
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landrovers will always outlast jap c___p
will always tow heavier loads(most jap can only tow 3000Kg - L/R 3500KG)
jap machines will not take the abuse that the army hand out to landrovers thats why they dont use jap
show me a 40 year old jap machine that has been used everyday by a farmer or other commercial user i can show you plenty Landrovers
statistcs show that over 75% of all landrovers built since 1948 are still being used
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statistcs show that over 75% of all landrovers built since 1948 are still being used[/QUOTE]
Thats because they breakdown or bits drop off them so often that they end up being rebuilt every 3 years
Remember Triggers broom(only fools and horses)Had 25 years and its only had 14 handles and 17 brush heads
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Originally Posted by secondopsman View Post
Its not just the defenders and discos its landrover in general i think.
At work we run 3 Landrover types
Range Rover Overfinch 18months old 22,000 miles so far its had a new turbo,Been back to the dealer 3 times for paint flaking of the colour coded bumpers,2 multifunction (or not)steering wheels,and 2 windscreens.
You can't base a scathing assessment about Landrover on the fact that a Range Rover BASED modified vehicle is suffering faults. The paintwork on the bumper is not done by Land Rover and assuming the engine is the Jag 4.2 V8 it will have performance mods too.

Still trying to persuade the parents that a Landy will be the perfect first car...they don't seem to convinced to let me have the garage to rebuild it in as of yet...a series 2 lightweight with a few modern refinements would suit me ...possibly with a bare metal polished body..they look pretty cool and there are very few around!

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Originally Posted by mister p View Post
Defenders are so crap that they're not even cool anymore. Drove one in the military, owned one, watched them being built and tested many..........Heath Robinson himself wouldn't touch one.
There's not even anything TONKA about them. They're all tin-snipped, unfinished, untreated, Friday afternoon bodges.
The only passable examples are Series 111 LWB Safaris in blue with a towbar. And that's with gin and rose tints.
iz it me or are all cockneys full of shit ive had landrovers over 2o years i have a 110 xs double cab no problems at all and it gets used propley az well evrey week and i have never lost a mud flap
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reliable Jap 4X4's

If landrovers are so unreliable then a reliable Jap 4x4 is the way forward.......NOT!

from another forum....

I got my new Navara Navara Outlaw Auto D40 at 2006. I had a great time with it but it came with extremely high cost.
For 5 years and 96000 miles I've had replaced 13 half shafts, 1 axle, 1 turbo, 1 steering rack, 1 set of steering wheel controls, 1 central locking component. I've never been in a garage before so many many times.

And i suspect this isnt fiction , My mate works in a very large well known autofactors
The only halfshaft they stock(not inclusing FWD driveshafts) is the Navara one.

I am usually not as green as i am cabbage looking.
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