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Is eBay a magnet for nuggets?

*jumps onto soapbox*

I swear its full of idiots that want everything for nothing!

Im selling bits from an old engine I stripped, a lad wanted the box, I ended up holding it for him until he sold the one he bought but didnt fit.

He then proceded to require about 50 million pictures of my 'box then took an age to get back to me with 2 promised payments that never materialised, all in all its been 5 weeks and finally he paid on Tuesday.

Today I sent him an email at 12:57 saying that I required a contact number for the courier and the box will be with him on Tuesday

I get a shitty email of him at 15:36 today saying that he is going to contact Paypal if I dont contact him by tonight as to the whereabouts of his item??!

Dickheads... the world is full of them!

You try and do a fellow boater (of whom I dont know) a favour and they turn out to be an arse.

*jumps off soapbox*

There is a place on this planet for all of Gods creatures.........right next to my tatties and gravy.
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It's true. eBay does attract some of the lower life forms, both buyers and sellers. At least you have been paid which is more than I did recently when I foolishly helped someone out! (anyone want to go debt collecting in St Ives Cornwall?)
I have to say though I've also met some really great people on eBay who have been extremely kind, polite and helpful. I have bought a lot of stuff recently for my Searider rebuild and met some of the better ebayers as a result.
The fact that sellers cannot leave negative feedback even though the buyer was a decietful snivelling little Cornish tw@t just compounds the frustration!

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Must admit some of the questions I get makes me wonder and the offers LOL
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You can always report them,I have and funnily I then received payment.Likewise I have sold boats and met some great people and hopefully the bad ones will loose an enginge and get run down by a ferry!!!
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The level of spelling and the grammatical correctness in any listings or e-mails are fairly reliable guides.

If I need parts for my Saab I search for "Sabb" and quite often end up being the only bidder!
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