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Originally Posted by leapy View Post

it won't stop your webmail server from being hacked though ... Says the voice of experience :no:
omg !
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A Mac, and not using an admin account for normal business.
No issues ever since 2001.

Before that, HP-UX and Linux - no infiltrations.

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Originally Posted by Brian View Post
Well all I can say is you lot are lucky b*****s!
I have tried loads of spyware and anti-virus programs and I wont say none of them work, but they only appear to work for a bit or only cover some aspects of security.
I'll add another vote for Microsoft Security Essentials. I would get rid of everything else and just use that.
After 6 months or so I get my address book hacked and messages are sent out in my name to buy viagra or something else. If anyone on here has ever received one of these messages I apologise!
It's more likely that spam has just been randomly sent with your email address in the from: field. Anyone can send email that is apparently from someone else and spammers generally don't use their own email address for obvious reasons!

If you use gmail or Hotmail or any of the other free webmail providers then make sure that your password is something that isn't trivial to work out. Some ideas for strong passwords here: Strong Passwords | Microsoft Security
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Originally Posted by willk View Post
I hate tempting luck, but here goes:

I "manage" a number of PCs with a large number of users. Without exception, they are a bunch of numpties. To date, I haven't had a virus or similar.

I allow NO external memory devices from other users PCs to be connected to the system.
I keep all the OS software automatically updating.
I keep the Windows firewalls up.
I use Microsoft Security Essentials - it's free (previously I used AVG Free).
I (and I think this is the important bit), use an email filter called Postini (from Google). It removes most of the dross and nasties BEFORE my mail client snatches it of the net. This is a cheap service.

So far so good.
well I dont know if its something with us fellas .. but I'm pretty much the same

Only I find avg free pretty good and windows stuff not .. it seems pretty innefectual to me, where both have been installed the windows stuff was dormant but the avg went to work

I look after 30 or so machines between a couple of offices networks and its damn hard stopping the ingress of crap

but one thing (or two) I wont have is any mcafee or norton shit .. that stuff is 'bloatware' and slows your kit down to hell

I say it a hundred times .. get a decent router(Draytek) .. enable DHCP and tell your punters never to open an email if it asks for further actions when they dont know where its from

That simple rule will keep a network very secure .. unless they are pron surfers

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