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Great to hear he has bounced back and recovering well. As has been said many times don't blame yourself and yes I know it's easyer said than done but we have all been there and in time it will be a great story to tell and by the time he is 15 you will be able to turn it round to being his fault.
My thoughts are with him,your girlfriend and you.

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Thoughts are with you. Got our first due in 3 months, every tip helps, will try and be aware, thanks for sharing.

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Yeah just a humble cup of tea eh ? .. poor lad .. and poor you too, Ben .. dont beat yourself up about it .. many wouldnt have beleived it was possible to get such a burn from a mug of the stuff, but I think its good you posted just to show how easy it can be.. I had a few scrapes in my time as a nipper its just kids innit ? He'll be fine .. just put it down to a life experience
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Sorry the 3 of you had to go through this experience and though he may bear the physical scars for a while, times like these make you stronger as a family.

I have 3 "boys" of 17 and older, who have all had a few scrapes over the years. As a parent you learn what the risks are by experience and not from any book, so try to move on, you wont do it a second time!

On a positive note, he may have a few minor battle scars to show girlfriends in about 15+ years time ......

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Ben - glad to hear he is fixing well and as already said try hard not to blame yourself - that's why it was an accident.

I managed to poor a pan of boiling milk on myself at his age - my Dad had left if hanging over the cooker - I clearly don't remember but I have no scare etc - looking at my own monster son it seems the younger you are the quicker and cleaner you heal - nowdays I only have to get a paper cut and it takes months to stop hurting

Thansk for sharing - it's really easy to forget how nibble and quick the little ones can be
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The Wife's cousin did the same thing with a teapot at a similar age. He still has slight scaring at age 40+. Don't beat yourself up, accidents happen.
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Kids skin is amazingly quick to repair, you will be suprised at how quickly that dissapears.

I know how you feel with the whole hospital experience, I had to go through a Meningitis scare with our 4 year old about 2 years ago (turned out to be a bad throat infection).
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I really sorry to hear that this accident has happened, and wish your little boy the very best for a speedy and full recovery.

As others have said accidents will happen, but thats no consolation when its happened to your child.
I really dont think you should blame yourself, if we made our homes completely child friendly 100% of the time wed live in padded cells and the kids would grow up scared of everything and unable to look after themselves.

I could sit here and say that as a parent I understand how Id feel in your situation, but Im sure you think at the moment that nobody can imagine what you are going through. I certainly do know how Ive felt when my kids have been hurt or are ill, and wished it was me instead of them.

The very best thing you can do for him now is show him how much you love him, make him as comfortable as possible, and not let him pick up on the distress you and your other half are going through.

Please pass on our best wishes, and know that we are thinking of your family during this dfficult time.

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Hi Benc

I feel very sorry for you. I have a wee girl 14 mths old. Twice minor items have occured due to the fact that I was not paying attention. When it happens you feel like the greatest bollox in the world. Dont worry it will pass as long as the child is ok thats all that matters

All the best


It was a good thing to post as it makes every one aware of the dangers
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Thanks for the kind words guys. We go for a check up tomorrow so we will see how its healing.

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