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You are right in not wanting to spend too much!!! Personally I still say that the best quality you can get is a conventional CRT from Sony - say 32" or 36" widescreen. Prices have come down a hell of a lot - 100hz are best!!!

If you must have something bigger without spending too much then yes go for a crt projector tv for now - better than many of the others out there.

Make sure you get good demos of all you are interested in and view them from different angles etc.

I have quite a bit of practice in this because I have helped my mate choose the sound/vision stuff for the luxury homes he builds - they have all the mod cons and sell for £750,000 each - but I HATE new houses - for the same money I would rather an old place with character and room for my RIB!!!

Good luck with your choice!!!

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I use an Epson EMP, bought from a couple of years ago. You wouldn;t have one as the main TV in your living room, but specifically for home cinema and gaming its great. Feels really special turning the lights down and watching a movie.

It works fine in anything but bright sunshine, generally dimmed lighting is best to get sharp resolution. No problems with it going out of focus and its still on the same bulb after very frequent use (must be over 2,000 hours by now).

I set ours up in the kid's playroom. It has the advantage that everything is attached to the ceiling so its out of harm's way and quite inobtrusive.
Did the whole setup, projector, cables, screen (free with projector), DVD home cinema system and Xbox for £1,500. Try and get a 60" screen in any other format for that price!

If I did it again I'd spend more on cabling as a 10m scart cable noticeably loses quality compared to a 1m.

Purple cat were very helpful over the phone sorted out delivery and supplied a replacement screen after the first was damaged in transit with no arguments.

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Originally Posted by DJL
I personally don't think projectors really cut it for television use - which is what I assume you would be using it for. The main disadvantage being that unless the room is really dark you donít get proper blacks and thus poor contrast.

I've assisted in the purchase of about 100 projectors over the last few years for several colleges. After trialling many makes/models, I donít think even the newest all singing all dancing projectors produce a particularly good picture under normal conditions. Then after you factor in the price of bulbs I think they become very unattractive.

If you want a big TV Iíd go for plasma.
Defonitely not an expert on this at all, but I know what I like and I've just got a 40" Samsung LED monitor (no tuner), and the picture is fantastic, especially when plugged into my new media PC and I put on a slide show of hi res photos - can't wait for HDTV - it will make TV much better to watch!
Originally Posted by Zippy
When a boat looks that good who needs tubes!!!
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Sanyo and Epson are the two projector I reckon in Projectors but I'd have to ask you what you actually wanted one for before rekomending a brand. depending on the use you may be well served going toward a flat screen

Sanyo's are very reliable and compete very favourable at the leading edge of the teknowlodgy.

If John Fuller offers an opinion listen to him cos he is very clever and does AV for a living. I am not so clever and used to do it for a living
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Many thanks for all the information folks I must say I have found your comments very very helpfull I intended to use the projector for viewing dvds xbox for the kids and pc but after reading the information on this subject I will need todo my research very much more carefully might even bin it and go for the big screen tv option wants again many thanks for taking the time to post your comments
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Just had this e-mailed to me.

It may be of interest if you are quick.
Mark H
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Originally Posted by Mark Halliday
Just had this e-mailed to me.

It may be of interest if you are quick.

Cheers Mark
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Send a message via MSN to Alex Brown
We have Sanyo, Infocus, and Epson projectors at work.... the Infocus projectors keep breaking, one has been back a few times cos it keeps splitting the screen in two for no apparent reason, and the other is about to go back after not picking any signal up whatsoever. The Epson is ok, but everything's manual on the front (it is 4 years old tho). However, we have Sanyo's, some of which are over 5 years old and still going strong.... there are two new ones with 5000 ansi lumens which are expensive, but excellent image quality for both pc and video stuff.

Every so often I bring a projector home to test - we don't use a proper screen, just a semi-ironed white bedsheet which does the job just fine at night time, but shows a few creases during the day

I still like my panny 32" widescreen crt - not 100Hz technology, the picture is very crisp and I reckon better than LCD and plasma.

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Heres my 2 cents worth on the subject.

Do not buy a projector if you are wanting a replacement for the TV.

Lets face it most stuff on the TV is crap anyway so why waste your money on a BIG telly to watch it.

However for watching Films and / or playing PlayStation games a projector is a superb way of putting a serious amount of square meterage of viewing area into your living room in an economical way - and having that cinema feel without leaving your own home.

Here's my top tips.

1. Buy black out blinds for all your windows - you will need total darkness when watching movies (just like the cinema) a projector can only add light to a surface so any ambient light will wash out your dark colours and blacks.

2. Buy a DLP projector - they have far better contrast ratios than equivalent priced LCD projectors. But make sure you get a double rate DLP chip (all modern ones will be double rate) otherwise you will see rainbow effects round the white parts of images whenever you move your head or blink.

3. Don't get anything more powerful than 1000 or 1100 lumens anything else will be too bright when using in a pitch dark room - the more powerful ones are intended for daylight presentations - and while you can get away with washed out colours in a presentation you wont want to watch a film in anything other than darkness.

4. don't scrimp by not buying a screen - you can get a nice ceiling mounted pull down screen for less than £200 - it wont ruin your living room whilst its rolled up and can be pulled down in 2 seconds when you need it. The quality obtained with a screen will far out way the price.

5. Buy a projector that is HDTV ready so you wont have to upgrade it any time soon.

6. Make sure that every thing is connected to your projector by RGB scart or Component Video as this will keep the quality high.

I have an Optoma EP725 and in my opinion Optoma make the best projectors you can get - and there customer service is superb.

Below are some pictures of my setup.

If you have any other questions I would be happy to answer them.
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Would 800 Ansi lumens type stuff be adequate brightness wise for a basement set up in your opinoon? Basement does have small windows but is not very light compared with main floor room. (Most houses in Canada have basements. Just the job for your home theatre set up).

My local Costco is doing a deal with an Optoma H31 projector and 92" screen for C$1400 odd. Which looks attractive for watching DVD's on which is my main use for it.


PS. Nice artex!

Out of the fog......
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