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We've never met but I've read and enjoyed many of your posts on here whilst researching the world of RIBs and am looking forward to meeting you, along with a lot of other guys and gals, out on the water in the near future.

I cannot begin to imagine the emotional and physical demands of dealing with cancer but your fortitude (and common sense) is evident in your posts and an indefatigable spirit clearly shines brightly....

We don't live a million miles apart and I very much look forward to making your acquaintance around the Menai Straits in the not too distant future.

All the very best for your continuing recovery.

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Chris, don't be a daft bugger, I understand how you are feeling after Saturday, I kind of felt the same thing really, every man for himself kind of thing. It is in no way a reflection on yourself as I was also left behind at moelfre and didn't even know people had set off back for the gazelle. I stayed behind for a couple more hours after I realised everyone had gone back and had a great day giving kids free runs out in the boat!!! Nothing unusual there as christycalch calls me glan gwna cruises ;-) anyway, it is great to be out on the water with you and I for one certainly feel more comfortable being out when I know a few others from ty catch are out, so hang on in there and don't let one day out spoil it for you. It did feel like wacky races at times and my mate commented that everyone seemed to want to be first there!! See you soon mate

There is no bigger hole than the sea within which to throw your money.....anon
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It's always the same when there's so many people going to these things, Look at the Anglesey cruise far to many ribs to stick together it's chaos,
That's why a few of us go round together so if you like your more than welcome to join the dark side and become a BS member
When you get to the end of your rope..tie a knot and hang on..!!
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Well Chris I have read your post over and over again and can't fathom out why you want to cut us all short just because of a disorganised cruise and a couple of remarks

As you can see from all the replies from your RIBnet mates... your not alone we are all here for you .... just a quick thought... don't cut us all out of your life cos of a bad day at Black Rock, and remember.... We have got feeling as well ......
so keep us in your life

Your a valued member on here and a good and reliable ribbing mate too Stay with us.
Member of S.A.B.S. (Lancashire Division)
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Chris: I am sorry that your day was not as enjoyable as ours. I now feel deflated and disappointed for you. On the couple of days we have been out together I have really appreciated your support. The thoughtfulness shown by you on the few occasions I have met you is an attribute not shown by everyone.

I now know that I can't keep up with the "big boys" - it is just too uncomfortable! Having had the experience of going round Anglesey with Cookie (someone else who has given me support via Ribnet) I knew we were not in a position to do it on Saturday. We made our own decision to return the way we came and as you know we were perhaps the first to leave (and last to arrive at the pub!)

I am sorry that I was not there to give you the support you have shown to others.

Hope to see you on the Straits.

Nick and Helen
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I agree with Tony T. The round Anglesey was chaos due to the number of boats, which also made it great. However we just buddied up with similarly paced boats and kept an eye out for one another, I'm sure those on Saturday were looking out for you.

I didn't go to the life boat day, but would seem a shame if just one average day, stops your valued contribution to and all the the other great days out you'll have had.

I hope you reconsider, and that any injury sustained quickly heels, and I look forward to seeing you at the Ty Coch or Pilots Cove, and I'd love it if you could show me Bardsey.

All the best.


"By skill not force."
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Chris, hope you are ok and the knock hasn't set you back physically. Sorry to hear the thread I started ended badly. That's not to say if I was there I'd have made any difference, but the posts I've read so far point towards a group of people who would miss your presence and would never have intentionally left you.

The "cruise" days are always difficult as some want to do one thing and others another, including timings. Some are a little late, others just think they'll launch late to miss the rush then catch up, but those on the water think they should wait, as you did.

As for joining the Black Shadow team, it can't be that bad!
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Originally Posted by Tim&Linda View Post
if anybody want some of these photos please pm me your e mail address and I will send it to you dot worry Mr ty calch your I will print out for you ,
I would but no pics of our boat
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Hey Chris I agree with what the others say, don't let one day outweigh all the others.

From my perspective this is what I've learned:

Its a huge bonus to have knowlegeable folk around when you're in the water and here on the forum. I think many folk would not attempt some of the cruises like Moelfre without someone like yourself to guide through the navigation hazards, like the Swellies etc.

For the bigger cruises like Ireland etc, there is more planning with nominated lead boats and sweeper boats etc. This isn't really happening with the "shorter" trips.

Personally I think it would be useful to try and agree a cruising speed on the thread, or ask for a volounteer pace boat maybe?

The issue will always be that some can go faster than others, and may not want to wait. The answer is either set way points so that we can all re group, or perhaps as I say an agreed pace boat, so that the ones in front can loop back if they want and the ones that are slower can stay in contact.

I think it was on the Round Ireland thread where someone, (Paul Glatzel?) said, it can take a day for boats to work out how to stay together as a group. Its always going to be a challenge unless we try and learn and you have far too much experience for us to not need you, I was going to say Master Yoda, but perhaps not eh
If you don't like my opinion, I have others.
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Originally Posted by Jeff Hutcheon View Post
I would but no pics of our boat

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