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As stated the black chequerplate wing top protectors are not that rare but silver is far more common so it does narrow it down a bit.

The decals unfortunately are readily available and cheap as an aftermarket add on, I have them on my 2004 90.

Number plate is on the correct side for a std RHD vehicle.

The picture isn't great but it looks like the new type rear door so that narrows it down to a Td5 age post 2002 model year but it probably isn't one of the really new ones as they don't have rear quarterlight windows as standard (at least they don't here - maybe UK is different worth checking though) so that puts it in the range 2002-2004 most likely, but definitely a post 2002 model year from the back door, so sold after about Sep 01. It's a Hard Top rather than a Station Wagon or County so that narrows it down by probably 50% too.

Got any more/better pics? Might be able to pick up some more details...

Edited to say I have been looking at them again and the rear fog/reversing lights are the old square sort which I thought were replaced in 2002 so maybe the door is an upgrade ... I'll check at work later and try and find out when they were replaced with the round ones.

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One member of a landy site hase posted this

Ex SHB hire vehicle sold by southwest4x4 or one of the same group of companies.
I think
they are the ones with county stripes on H/Tops with the county wording missing as per the pic and same as my own white90
maybe worth a call to them with pics to see if they can put a name to it

Worth a try



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Originally Posted by stuart hedges
Not sure how they got the clamp off, it was lying where the boat was looking very bent - they obviously didn't want it.
You drive it off! You just put the FWD on and slowly pull away the clamp bends and falls off. It takes about three seconds with an SAS and about twenty with a Bulldog. Failing that theres other waysfalls off. Angle grinders also do a good job.

I am not a thief far from it but when you work in a boat yard to sometimes need to free Clamps that have had the keys lost

If the insurance company gives you any grief use these guys
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i have never used a clamp but i did not know they were that easy to get off whats the point of having one?
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Its a deterrent. A determined thief will get round most things.
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Sorry to hear about this, might be worth contacting Berthons if they went that way, their cameras are very good as the highlighted recently in the press.
Both cars involved are very distinctive so I would think you have a relatively good chance.
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stuart, I had my old Tornado taken from Sea Scout field around this time - I'm still trying to pin down the exact date [see new thread in this section].
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The boat has been recovered, it was found in Exmouth by the police and we recovered it ourselves. Pleasingly the theives looked after it and covered it well so it is all as nice as it was when they decided to borrow it.

No insurance claim made so boat is back in our hands - a good result.
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Result! Pleased you got it back.

So what happened to the gits that stole it then?

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And how did the police come across it?


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