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Country: UK - Wales
Town: Southampton
Boat name: DynaMoHumm/ SRV/deja
Make: Avon8.4, 5.4 & 4.777
Length: 8m +
Engine: Cat3126 Yam 90 &70
MMSI: 42
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Originally Posted by benc
what about a bench seat at the back of a 5.5m ish gemini?

ha ha and it's 5.05 long. The engine on Zebidee is very heavy consequently there's nothing wrong with the bench seats at the back providing you don't put any passengers on em

I am overhauling the boat at the moment, relocating the batteries midships and the fuel tanks into the forard of the boat which should go someway to solving the balance issue with 4 up. Failng that the Bench seat gets replaced with a pair of jockeys

getting back to your boat then a bench seat would be fine but before you fit one drop 180 kilos of water butts onto the back of your boat and take it for a spin see what it handles like

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Country: UK - England
Town: Southampton
Boat name: SMH Rib / War Shot
Make: Ribtec / Scorpion
Length: 4m +
Engine: 10hp Yam / 150hp opt
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I had a bench seat in the back of the Scorpion and agree that it was quite comfy when it was calm.
However, when sat on the bench when it gets choppy your head level is very low and you do get wet.
Nothing to hold onto when you need to stand (3 people trying to hold onto the back of the helms double jockey!)
Good storage though.

Have taken mine out and put two double jockeys in. Have a backrest on each and also forward handrails on them. Might also get middle backrests once i've used the boat a bit more.

Anybody want a Scorpion bench seat - it's gathering dust in the garage at the moment!

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Country: USA
Town: Punta gorda Fl.
Boat name: War Machine
Make: Falcon U.S.A.
Length: 9m +
Engine: twin 250 Yamaha
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Originally Posted by John Kennett
I'd completely agree with you about bench seats for the helm, but I've actually found that they can be very comfortable at the stern even when it's quite heavy going. When it gets really bad, on most RIBs you can stand and hold the backrest of one of the other seats.

I would happily have one in any RIB of 7.5m or bigger, but I've also been very comfy on a wrap-round sofa on a Ribcraft 585!

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Country: UK - Wales
Town: Barmouth
Boat name: Blue Marlin
Make: Ribcraft
Length: 7m +
Engine: Yanmar 315/Bravo 2X
MMSI: 235020218
Join Date: Jun 2003
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I couldn't make my mind up , so I've got two singles at the console, two doubles behind them, and then a bench behind that. Well, not so much a bench, but a pad on top of the engine box... so a cross between a bench and a leaning post, holding on to the backrests of the double jockey seats...

Passengers/customers then have the choice of smooth, with a high probability of dampness creeping in from all directions (at the back), or bumpy and mostly dry if sitting on the seats on the front of the console... except for the day when I stuffed it, and then everybody got a sea water shower... ...

We run unless there is an F7 or greater in the forecast, and people seem very happy sitting on a 'bench' at the back at speed......

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Country: UK - Scotland
Make: HumberOceanOffshore
Length: 8m +
Engine: Volvo KAD300/DPX
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If the boat has plenty of space, then a bench is a cool place to get your head down for a snooze after lunch. It doesn't need to be at the back. And a front bench makes the bow a nice area for a group to be around having a picnic and a larf.... and it's also kinda nice when just pootling along.
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Country: USA
Boat name: Thalassa
Length: 5m +
Engine: Honda 115 4 stroke
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Are those handle rails behind the jockey seats useful? I mean if someones constantly behind the seat holding onto it will they eventually break the seat or are they strong?
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Yes they are useful. They should be made strong enough, otherwise there's little or no point in having them!

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Make: Redbay
Length: 7m +
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Removable bench seat

Hi guys,

Katandra has a fairly standard set upp with two pairs of jockey seats behind the console. Combined with toestraps we find them very safe and comfortable for the heavy weather stuff.

However at some of the Redbay meets i have noticed some of the boats have a removable bench seat aft of the jockeys. This can be fitted in approx ten minutes giving extra seating and extra storage when needed. Might be a compromise but it seems to give people options.

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Country: UK - England
Town: York
Boat name: Hi Flyer
Make: Humber - Ocean Pro
Length: 7m +
Engine: Suzuki 140hp
MMSI: 235033234
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Originally Posted by Chopppywaters
Are those handle rails behind the jockey seats useful? I mean if someones constantly behind the seat holding onto it will they eventually break the seat or are they strong?
Mine are! The design means can have x2 holding on behind each pod. Works well.

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