Docking Poles DIY Style

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I should have my new docking poles finished tomorrow and since info on DIY ones is thin on ground thought i’d add this incase anyone wants ideas for their own.

was going to get the bolt on ones and just pay the 200 quid but i thought ach i’ll try and make a set.

FYI everything is galv tube and stainless hardware.

setup as follows-

  • 16x 1.25″ mounting tube which bolts to the trailer. (doesn’t stick out past the arch)
  • 60×1.75″” tube inclusive of a 90 degree bend at 12″ for my app.
  • plumbers pipe lagging for round the upright.

plates will be welded onto the mounting tube tomorrow so it can all be bolted securely to the trailer-width is adjustable by upto 16″ total.

2 drop pins hold the uprights on securely which allows easy removal for towing. (you will see screwdrivers in them jus now as the pins are not here yet).

the mounting method in these pics was purely to get a size for the plates to be welded onto the tubes so don’t copy this folks, it won’t work :-)- i’ll update pics when the plates are on and it’s all bolted together.

hope this maybe of use to someone who fancies making a set.



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